I wouldn’t be surprised, that’s for sure

I recently received an email asking how I would feel if Unirondack closed. Obviously, I would be sad, but honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised. Even as a naive young staffer I could see that the board cared more about Unirondack’s role as their own private 4 seasons conference centre than as a summer camp. My occasional visits over the years has solidified that feeling. Yes, I understand that a lot of the buildings are very very old and require a lot of upkeep. Some of my own friends spent an inordinate amount of time just keeping the plumbing going. So replacing them was probably necessary, though renovation would have probably been much cheaper. My issue is with the buildings is what they decided to replace the old buildings with. Now, as a foreigner, I’m ignorant of NYS building codes, but I suspect that, for example, the shower house didn’t need to be replaced by a giant 4 seasons heated and insulated house. Also, take the pavilion. It’s ten times too fancy for what the summer camp needs. A concrete slab, half the size, and a roof, that’s all that was needed. My point is, at least on the surface, it looks like the board is wasting lots of Unirondack money on vanity projects. If Unirondack fails, the fault will fall squarely on the board, not on ex-Campers and ex-Staffers not donating money.