So, you cooked the Tweeter in your PSB Image series speaker…

PSB Image 5T , Image 4T, Image 1B, Image 2B, etc…

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This particular generation of speakers from PSB had an occasionally unreliable tweeter. I’ve personally swapped out a few, as have some other people I know. Vifa no longer makes that tweeter anymore, though you can still order NOS from PSB, I think. So I went on a hunt over the internet for a possible replacement. It turns out that Tymphany (recent parent of Vifa, Peerless, Logic and Scan-Speak), manufactures a few newer fabric dome tweeters that are “drop-in” compatible: Vifa BC25SC08, and Vifa BC25SC06 , both of which are available in a 4ohm and 8ohm version.

The face plate, screw holes, and rear protrusion are all the same as the PSB TWI-2AN/P. Replacement is incredibly simple, remove the four screws on the front of the tweeter, pop off the wires (blue + , yellow -), then the same in reverse with the new tweeter.

2016-04-28 21.25.27

The newer tweeter, according to the spec sheet, is more sensitive, can handle more power, and has a heat sink. The TWI-2AN/P’s tendency to die is probably why they added that. So, I’m going to order a BC25SC08 for the bargain price of $29.60 CAD each, and I’ll report back. If you’re looking for an even bigger bargain, the BC25SC06 is even cheaper at $17.09 each. I expect they’ll sound more “forward”, less “dark” and less harsh than the metal dome they’ll be replacing.