The True Public Cost of the Ottawa Senators Arena: $200M

People claim that The Palladium aka Corel Centre aka ScotiaBank Place aka Canadian Tire Centre was built at no cost to the public. That the owner paid for everything themselves. This is a flat out lie. The Palladium actually cost Canadian, Provincial and Ottawa tax payers, over $200 million dollars. This cost isn’t readily apparent because it has been hidden in tax breaks, low/no-interest loans from the governments, and debt forgiveness.  If the absolutely insane idea of moving the arena to LeBreton Flats happens, it will cost tax payers hundreds of millions more. Ottawa’s downtown infrastructure will not be able to deal with this increase in load. LeBreton flats is nowhere near a major freeway, and the existing roads can’t handle the current load of people moving between Ottawa and Gatineau. People believe that the LRT will provide the required transportation, but that will only happen if they provide no parking. We all know that Ottawan’s are in love with their cars. They won’t take the LRT to games, they will drive to games, they will clog up the side streets in Little Italy, China Town, and Mechanicsville creating total gridlock for hours before and after games. We have to put a stop to them moving the arena downtown.


$6 million grant from the federal government, $69M here $16M there, $100M here, and provincially subsidized $25M low interest loan here.

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